“Mad Men”, “Scandal” and Making Change

May 29, 2018
  Our clients aren’t salacious enough to keep Don Draper entertained for more than one Old Fashioned. And Olivia Pope would be bored silly in our office staring out the window at charming St. Boniface, tears in her eyes, lip...
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Say Hello to Dani, Our New Content Coordinator

November 7, 2017
Originally this post was going to be the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song parodied to my life, but “In Southern Manitoba, not born but raised, on the internet is where I spent most of my days” was as...
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Mayweather/McGregor – A Marketing Knock-Out

August 25, 2017
Sponsorships are nothing new in the world of marketing, but sponsoring an event for $10 million dollars would be crazy…wouldn’t it? In Las Vegas on August 26, 2017, all-time boxing great Floyd “Money” Mayweather will take on UFC superstar “The...
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How to Be a (Semi) Expert in SEO

August 15, 2017
Hey all! It’s Dana, ChangeMakers’ digital intern. I am very excited to share my knowledge in this post about my background in digital marketing, particularly in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Now, what is SEO? SEO focuses on growing traffic in...
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‘Love Wins’ – and it Might Win Again at the 2017 Emmys

August 8, 2017
Source: I just saw an article on AdWeek about the 2017 Emmy nominees for Outstanding Commercial and decided to take a look. I watched all five nominated ads and was almost moved to tears by...
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When the Question is: How Do You Stay Current in Social Marketing?

June 20, 2017
Recently at the World Social Marketing Conference (WSMC) in Washington, DC Hilary and I attended a plenary session entitled “Digital is the answer, what was the question?” At times plenary sessions can strike fear into the hearts of participants; there...
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