Koen Reynaert | Director, Media Planning & Buying

Koen has over 25 years of experience in media planning and buying, including for clients in Belgium. He conducts media research and analysis in digital media, television, radio, print and online to help our team plan for the most effective tools to convey client messages to diverse target audiences. Since 2003, Koen has been a media planner and buyer for agencies in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and British Columbia, expanding his network and connections across the country.

Although he only recently joined ChangeMakers, Koen already has put his skills to great use for projects including the Indian Day School Class Action phase 2 campaign, research into demographic and media consumption habits of consumers of raisins in Canada and media planning, strategy and buying for campaigns for the Ontario Association of Optometrists. Koen is fluent in English, French and Dutch/Flemish (his native tongue).