Christian Massaroni | Consultant

Since joining ChangeMakers in 2015, Christian has put his degree in rhetoric, experience in client service and skills in developing web content to practical use for a wide range of our clients. He serves as the client services manager for the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) and its International Student Program (ISP); for Operating Engineers of Manitoba Local 987 (OE987); and Made Safe. Christian has a quick grasp of branding needs – both to ensure a client’s brand is consistently and respectfully applied and to help develop sub-brands, such as schools within LRSD where their unique attributes need to be portrayed while aligning with the division’s brand and values.

Christian writes the content for various client materials and coordinates their design and production to help clients promote their messages to their unique audiences. From brochures to media releases to ad campaigns, Christian manages client projects to keep them on time, on brand and on budget. Christian also develops web and social media content for clients, including regular website updates for LRSD, social media posts for OE987 and social media and web support for Chicken Delight. Whatever the task, Christian manages it enthusiastically and professionally and, importantly, delivers the results our clients expect.