ChangeMakers is a full-service marketing and strategic communications consulting firm, providing expert services to a diverse range of clients throughout Canada.

Our mission is to help clients achieve results – to realize objectives and be successful. We do this by working with you to develop effective strategies, action plans and programs to address the issues and opportunities you face.

Award-winning media campaigns that persuade audiences, television and online commercials that change behaviour, action plans that influence government policy – no matter the application, we deliver services that promote your brand, enhance your image, increase your market share and resolve your public or governmental issue.

Our consulting team is composed of professionals from every marketing and strategic communications sub-discipline: market research, creative direction and design, branding, media relations, copywriting and storytelling, film and video, social and digital media, public affairs, and corporate and stakeholder relations.

At ChangeMakers, our strength is collaboration. We work closely with client marketing and communications teams, executive officers and boards of directors to develop strategies and tailor solutions to meet client needs. The knowledge and experience of our team is what brings results for our clients and also brings peer respect and industry awards for our company and staff.

We divide our services into three categories; Marketing Services, Strategic Communications Consulting Services and Interactive Services.

  • Marketing Services encompass our full range of our creative and media services.
  • Strategic Communications Consulting Services are the services that were once included under the term “public relations,” and includes organizational and marketing strategies, issues management and public affairs.
  • Interactive Services include “new” media – content available on demand through the internet, accessible on digital devices and enabling interactive user feedback and dialogue.

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