The John Howard Society of Manitoba

Dedicated to providing and fighting for effective, just and humane responses to crime, the John Howard Society of Manitoba (JHSM) came to ChangeMakers seeking a new visual identity to reflect its mission.

We kept the John Howard name, because it is part of a national network, and focused on creating a visual identity relevant both to its clients – men involved with the justice system – and its supporters. The colour palette for the new logo is respectful of the Indigenous roots of many JHSM clients and the design encapsulates themes of building strength and finding a path to change. ChangeMakers also created a new positioning statement: “change from the inside.” This statement conveys a multitude of meanings to the varied audiences of JHSM. For clients, it represents a personal goal. For supporters, it is recognition that change and reform is possible. For JHSM itself, it also is a call for change within the justice system.

The visual identity was officially unveiled at the John Howard Society Annual General Meeting where it was met with overwhelming support. That support and embracing of the identity will only continue to grow as it is integrated into the fabric of their materials, with the help of the visual identity guide and templates provided by ChangeMakers.