Mom’s Pantry

Though Mom’s Pantry is a national company with a sterling reputation for their baked goods and food services fundraising programs, they had been using a fairly simple catalogue and order form. ChangeMakers was tasked with creating a catalogue that would better showcase their program offerings and an easier-to-understand order form – all in keeping with their established corporate brand.

Drawing inspiration from the Mom’s Pantry name and the brand identity they had created over 30 years, our designers combined the nostalgic elements of a classic cookbook with a modern menu style sensibility. Illustrations were peppered in along with photos to create warmer, more compelling images of available items. Simple, colourful icons highlighted critical food information such as gluten-free, nut-free and Kosher products. The sense of “classic meets contemporary” was even apparent in the choice of fonts, with clean typefaces combined with a more-hand-written style used to capture the “homecooked by professionals” feeling. Created to go with the dynamic and colourful new catalogue was a sleek new order form that walked people through the ordering process in a simple step-by step guide to avoid any potential issues.

Mom’s Pantry was thrilled with their new materials, which truly encapsulated their brand image and national status – so thrilled that they ordered 75,000 copies of their catalogue alone to start a new season of raising funds for worthy causes. As an organization founded on doing social good ourselves, we are happy we could help someone else make more good work in our communities possible.