Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries: GameSense

From the Casinos of Winnipeg to VLTs throughout Manitoba to lottery tickets, Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (MBLL) provides gaming products that generate revenue for the province. MBLL also recognizes that this comes with the duty to encourage enjoying those products responsibly – which it does with the help of ChangeMakers and its GameSense program.

GameSense messaging focuses on educating people about the facts of gambling and promoting behaviours that can keep gaming from becoming a problem. In this campaign, we delivered those messages using humour and insight into how games work. On TV, humorous commercials spoke to the need to set time limits (using the comparison of spending too much time in a hot tub) and knowing one’s limits (comparing it to playing basketball despite exhaustion). Additional messages were delivered through posters on site at casinos and establishments with VLTs.

This campaign encouraged Manitobans to use their GameSense – by making a plan, understanding the odds and going to the GameSense site for more information and advice.