Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries: DrinkSense

Introducing a new brand is always a challenge. Even more so when that new brand is replacing not one but three existing brands. That was the challenge for ChangeMakers when Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (MBLL) combined its liquor social responsibility suites under their new DrinkSense brand.

We developed marketing materials with an entirely new look and feel, focusing on positive outcomes of using one’s DrinkSense to drink responsibly. We combined brighter colours, focused messaging and lifestyle imagery to bring the new brand to the forefront and sent people to the DrinkSense website for information. We also worked with MBLL to develop campaigns with more focused media plans that included high-impact, lower-cost placement such as posters, checkout counter wraps and transit ads. Every piece was created as part of a single cohesive campaign that connected DrinkSense with positive outcomes and MBLL.

The first year results exceeded expectations, particularly for an entirely new brand. By the end of 2017, 29% of Manitobans who consumed alcohol were aware of the DrinkSense brand and unique visitors to the DrinkSense website rose to 32,800 from 4,700 the previous year. Awareness of MBLL as the sponsor was also high, with average awareness reaching 24% versus 13% over the previous year.