Liquor, Gaming & Cannabis Authority of Manitoba

The Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba (LGA) is responsible for regulating and licensing liquor sales, services and manufacturing, and licenses gaming employees, products and operations.

With our deep roots in social marketing, ChangeMakers has frequently worked with LGA Manitoba to develop and deliver key public education/awareness campaigns that align with the strategic initiatives and values of the LGA.

One such campaign was the Bring ID campaign, designed to remind young adults – with emphasis on those living in rural areas – to bring identification to all licensed establishments. ChangeMakers developed a very simple video that could be promoted via social media and accompanying poster to remind patrons that people working at licensed establishments don’t guess ages.

ChangeMakers later worked with the LGA on the “Chase the Ace” campaign. We once more developed a video for promotion via social media, this time to educate people about the risks of unlicensed gambling, especially with the rise in popularity of illegal online “Chase the Ace” game sites.

At present, the LGA is developing a strategic plan to guide them through the next three years and what promises to be a time of significant change. ChangeMakers was engaged to facilitate meetings between the LGA Board of Directors and key stakeholders. These meetings provided an opportunity for the Board to hear firsthand about current opportunities and challenges, particularly as they relate to the regulation of liquor and gaming in the province and the upcoming legalization of Cannabis. The results of these meetings will represent a significant component of the new strategic plan.