Communications Services Manitoba (Manitoba Government)

Most Manitobans may not recognize the name Communication Services Manitoba (CSM), but they will be familiar with what it does. CSM is responsible for ensuring that important information on critical issues is conveyed from the provincial government to Manitobans.

ChangeMakers has had the opportunity to assist CSM in communicating on several occasions, including encouraging people to get their flu shot and addressing the deadly – but preventable – Equine Infectious Anemia in horses. In each instance, we were asked to develop targeted social media campaigns that would creatively connect to the key audiences with compelling messages.

Improving Accessibility in Manitoba

The Accessibility for Manitobans Act first became law in 2013 and has since enacted several standards focused on identifying, preventing and removing barriers for Manitobans with disabilities.

Working with CSM and the Disabilities Issues Office, we developed a multi-platform social media awareness campaign with the overarching goal of increasing awareness and understand around accessibility.

Over the span of one month, the campaign was viewed over 2.8 million times, resulting in over 12,000 visits to the campaign website and creating over 3,300 social interactions on social media.

Reducing the Spread of a Fatal Disease

In the case of Equine Infectious Anemia, the message was more straightforward, promoting the fact that the disease is preventable thereby tapping into owner affection and desire to keep their animals healthy. Facebook and programmatic display messaging worked extremely well with the highly targeted audiences. For example, campaign ads reached over 150,000 individuals and were viewed over 440,000 times with 2,700 clicks through to the website for additional information; a significant number for an issue that impacted a very specific segment of Manitobans.

Increasing Flu Vaccinations

During a time when the province was experiencing a surge in flu cases, CSM sought to encourage more people to get their flu shot and called on ChangeMakers to help expand its message. Recognizing that the existing campaign called on people to get their shots for the health of others, ChangeMakers targeted holdouts by tapping into their self-interest and asking them to consider what they might end up missing if they got the flu: a dream vacation or an important social event for example. Though the final tally of shots has yet to be provided, we helped reach an audience that had previously been missing.