Tatianna Ducklow | Consultant

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Tatianna’s recipe for success: a hearty cup of strategic communications and media relations, a large helping of thoughtful and collaborative public engagement and facilitation, all sprinkled with a few slices of humour.

With a background working in media relations, communications strategies, engagement planning, facilitation, digital design, video, photography and writing, Tatianna brings an array of knowledge to any communications or public engagement project. She has worked for a variety of public and private organizations, including the Corporate Communications Team at YYC Calgary Airport Authority where her love of aviation fully took flight. She holds a Bachelor of Communication – Journalism and International Communications Certificate from Mount Royal University and is currently working towards her Event Management Extension Certificate.

She works fast on tight timelines, stays coordinated and organized (thank-you colour coded day-planners) and maintains a positive attitude in times of pressure to ensure your project is done with the utmost of her journalistic-natured integrity and thought.

When not focusing on communications and engagement, you can find Tatianna always laughing and running a ridiculous amount of km’s to train for racing season (or keep up with her love of cooking, baking and sweet goods), taking an adventure somewhere in the world, plane spotting, reading, playing softball or hanging out with her one-eyed pirate cat, Croft.