Suzanne Gaby | Director

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Suzanne’s boundless energy could power a small country.
We’re winded just thinking about it.

She’s the type of person who always has time to talk and listen to others – a trait that suits her perfectly in her role as a Director at Context. As an expert in health promotion and program management, Suzanne brings 25 years’ experience to her role managing public health programs such as the BC Lung Association’s QuitNow Services tobacco cessation program. She recently developed and trained a province-wide team of health promoters to provide on-the-ground, face-to-face communications with communities and stakeholders. Suzanne loves that her role enables her to work directly on health programs that benefit communities.

Suzanne holds a Master of Arts degree in Leadership and is also a former public health nurse. Active in the community, she can often be found chatting with someone she has just run into on the street. More often than not, it’s a client. Seems Suzanne can never stop working.