Rebecca Recant | Consultant

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Need someone to throw into a new situation? Rebecca’s your go-to. Whether she’s in front of a group facilitating a difficult conversation or behind the scenes writing an analytical report, she will thrive.

A Consultant at Context, Rebecca brings expertise in community engagement, facilitation and communications. With a strong background in non-profit administration and program management, she has the ability to see the big picture and still have an eye for every detail. She excels at finding innovative solutions to complex problems, writing and editing, creating strategic and well-designed communications materials, and building lasting organizational partnerships.

Rebecca’s keen interest in unpacking global issues, led her to pursue her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. She is a global ambassador with a deep appreciation for diverse perspectives, enabling her to serve as a bridge for communities. Her passion for travel led her around the world, working with Latino educators in the inner city and with orphans in Rwanda. Combining left and right brain, she wears multiple hats, balancing her creativity with grounded logic along the way.