Miranda Eng | Senior Consultant

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Miranda knows what makes people tick. And what makes them run away. Her ability to get people, from the big wigs to the underdogs, is why you want her on your team.

A Senior Consultant at Context, Miranda is a former federal public servant with over seven years of expertise in strategy development, public sector management, community engagement, facilitation, research and analysis. As a certified Prosci Change Management Practitioner and a sucker for design, she has a track record of designing creative engagement and communication strategies to better manage the people-side of large public sector projects. Miranda received her BComm in Finance with a minor in Economics, and did her graduate studies in Dublin, Ireland in Strategic Management and Planning.

Miranda is particularly passionate about representation and hearing from those who aren’t often heard. Her approach is grounded in pillars of equity, trust, and cultural respect in creating inclusive public participation. She serves on the board of a non-profit organization in Chinatown, empowering Chinese-Canadian youth to advance social change. When she’s not ‘nerding’ out, you can find her riding her bike, eating dumplings, or adventuring in the great outdoors somewhere in her leaky canoe.