Mariel Higuerey | Director

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Mariel is an idea and process architect – always looking for patterns and how they affect and link to one another, thus creating strategies, plans, methods and tactics.

Using her robust urban and regional planning foundational knowledge platform, Mariel has worked with various stakeholders in the areas of transportation, aviation, resource management, energy, community development and community investment.  She has a strong background in evaluating public participation policy for decision-making and has recently developed engagement programs focused on educating and building public awareness.

Originally from Venezuela, Mariel has working experience in multicultural environments. She avoids generalizations or ‘types’ because they obscure what is distinctive and unique about each person and project. In her spare time, one will find her strolling cities and soaking in their culture. Ask her for ‘what to do’ or ‘where to go’ recommendations; however, be warned you might get a list.