Jack Boomer | Principal

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“Never better.” You’ll hear that a lot from Jack.

One of the most positive people we know, Jack has been instrumental in growing Context’s work in the health industry, and has become the expert on smoking cessation programs in BC and increasingly in other parts of the country. An accomplished strategist and facilitator, Jack has worked with the Clean Air Coalition of BC since 1999 and has been Director of the BC Lung Association’s QuitNow Services since its inception in 2004. He is also working on tobacco cessation programs with Alberta Health Services and the Manitoba Lung Association and recently completed work with the Government of Nunavut on its cessation program.

Jack holds a Master of Public Administration degree, and has more than 20 years’ experience in community development, health education and health promotion. He is also founder of a community choir in Victoria, BC, and started ChoirKids, a charity that provides kids in the Greater Victoria area with opportunities to sing in choirs. It doesn’t get more positive than that.