Geoff Forsdick | Consultant

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Didn’t think of that? No worries. Chances are, Geoff’s already thought of it for you. Don’t let his quiet nature fool you, Geoff’s mind is always working and he’s always ready to jump in and contribute.
Geoff is a Consultant with experience in health promotion, health screening, community outreach, and tobacco cessation. He is skilled at research, writing reports and problem solving to help clients address their program and policy priorities. Adept at managing multiple projects, Geoff has never met a deadline he couldn’t handle. He has worked with a range of clients over the last few years including healthcare professionals, Indigenous populations, transportation stakeholders, and the housing sector.
Geoff has a Bachelor of Arts in Health Sciences. In his spare time, you’ll find him in the kitchen indulging his inner chef. You should ask him about his sous-vide chicken. It’s impeccable, like all his work.