Darcy Vermeulen | Senior Consultant

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When things are at there most tense, that’s when Darcy shines. A natural facilitator, he has a knack for bringing together disparate views and making sure that all voices are heard.
Darcy is a Senior Consultant with extensive experience in stakeholder engagement in the public, business and not-for-profit sectors. He offers particular expertise in plain language writing and public speaking, and is a skilled facilitator with experience moving stakeholders from positions of confrontation to shared action on community-built goals. During his work with the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA), Darcy facilitated several community consultations and developed strategic stakeholder mapping for “Re-Imagine Downtown Vancouver”, the DVBIA’s award-winning public consultation process. Strategic by nature and detail-oriented, Darcy knows just what it takes to handle all the moving pieces.
Darcy has served on numerous non-profit community boards and is a co-founder of the Turn Up Collective. He’s also known for his sharp sense of humour, which he is not afraid to break out when it’s needed to help ease the tension.