Mix it up with a Mocktail…and Some Creative Marketing Tactics

We’re excited to be helping Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries (MBLL) spread the message to “mix it up with a mocktail” – and we’re especially excited to get to mix up our usual marketing tactics with some really innovative ideas.

The mocktail campaign is the latest in a series of campaigns developed to promote Canada’s Low Risk Drinking Guidelines, DrinkSense tips and moderation tactics. These campaigns help MBLL’s customers create a balanced social life which can include, but not be dominated by, alcohol.

The creative features a combination of photos of mocktails and bright, animated images. We’ve also created three videos showing how to make different mocktail recipes.

We are using some of the usual tactics (social media ads, newspaper ads and online static and pre-roll ads), and the mocktail campaign is all over St. Vital and Polo Park malls. At St. Vital Mall you can’t miss us – we’ve got bright, eye-catching exterior decals at five entrances, floor decals and mall posters. We’ve also got mall posters and banners at Polo Park, but our most exciting tactic there is a pop-up mocktail bar.

For a few hours each day from January 31 to February 2 the Peachy Green Events sidecar is serving up two mocktail recipe samples for people to try (Belle Bellini and Strawberry Basil Lemonade). Polo Park visitors who pass through centre court can stop by, taste a drink and get some info about DrinkSense, including mocktail guides and recipe cards to take home. People who post a picture of themselves at the pop-up and tag @drinksensemb will even get a $5 gift card to shop at the mall.

We’ve been working with MBLL since 1999 to develop creative approaches to promote the corporation’s responsible use messages, foster a culture of moderation and prevent alcohol-related harms. Since 2014 our work for MBLL has won one local and two international awards. Check out more of our great work for DrinkSense in our portfolio.

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