ChangeMakers Sweeps the Summits

ChangeMakers has a pretty impressive track record for racking up awards for creative excellence, strategic effectiveness, public education and social marketing. To kick off 2019 we were proud to add three more international awards to our trophy case.

We won two 2018 Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards for a couple of great campaigns: SAFE Work Manitoba’s The Tool for Every Job and Bridgwater Residential Development’s Designed to be Neighbourly.

We also won our first-ever Summit Emerging Media Award for SAFE Work Manitoba’s exciting virtual reality campaign!

These three latest awards bring our award count to a whopping 46. Now for a bigger trophy case!

Check out our full list of awards.


A little humour goes a long way

Our Platinum Award (Integrated Campaign, Consumer) for SAFE Work Manitoba recognizes a multimedia campaign which used humour to promote the idea that safety is an essential tool for every job.

Everyone needs workplace safety, no matter what their job. The creative concept shows how working without workplace safety would be just as silly as working without the equipment you need to do your job. You might not find it in a toolkit, but safety is a tool everyone needs to use at work.

Ads were placed on television, radio, billboards, in restaurants (cabaret ads), online and social media.


Won’t you be my neighbour?

The Neighbourhoods of Bridgwater (Bridgwater) is in Winnipeg’s southwest quadrant. We developed a highly effective multimedia campaign to raise awareness about the community to help the provincial government (Bridgwater’s developer) sell remaining lots in the area and repurpose the funds back into Manitoba Housing.

We used television, radio, outdoor and social media ads (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) with images and content reflective of Bridgwater’s unique design. Success was quick and exceptional and helped us to bring home a Silver Award for Social Media.


Modernizing how youth think about safety

SAFE Work Manitoba’s Level Up campaign was recognized with a coveted Innovator Award. The campaign encouraged youth to “level up” their safety knowledge before they head to their first job interview or first day of work.

While we had developed campaigns and resources using interactive websites and online games for a number of years in SAFE Youth initiatives, we wanted to find a new technological edge to reach youth – and virtual reality (VR) answered our needs.

Working with Bit Space Development, a local interactive digital media company, we created the VR game and made it available on a variety of platforms – playable in a VR booth for experiential marketing; available for download online to play on a mobile phone with a VR viewer such as Google Cardboard; and accessible online in a first-person point-and-click version.


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