It’s Time to Level Up Workplace Safety!

ChangeMakers and SAFE Work Manitoba are introducing young Manitobans to the realities of workplace hazards by bringing the workplace to them… via virtual reality.

Always looking for new and exciting ways to engage young Manitobans about workplace safety, ChangeMakers called on local augmented/virtual reality developers, Bit Space Development.

Drawing on their previous experience developing safety training VR for clients in multiple industries, Bit Space created Level Up: an immersive and educational experience that both entertains and educates about workplace safety from an entirely unique first-hand perspective.

With SAFE Work Manitoba and ChangeMakers advising on the scenarios, Level Up lets players choose from three common workplaces – a retail store, a construction site and a restaurant. Users are then tasked with inspecting the workplace to identify potential hazards. As they do, they learn about why those hazards pose risk, experiencing teachable moments as they play. That “hands-on” experience combined with virtual reality gameplay creates memorable learning opportunities – without the actual risk!

In development for over a year, it’s a project unlike any ChangeMakers and SAFE Work have ever before undertaken. And the response from players so far has been tremendous, with youth praising this new VR game-style approach to safety education.

The campaign is further bolstered by the site where people can enter to win a $500 gift card. It’s also where young workers, parents and employers can level up their workplace safety knowledge with a variety of informative resources.

With an app that will allow users with smartphones to experience the VR game at home (as well as an online version), Level Up is poised to take workplace safety to the next level for young Manitobans and anyone else who wants to enjoy a little reality with their virtual reality!

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