Everyone Benefits from SAFE Work

SAFE Work benefits everyone, and everyone can contribute to the safety of their workplace.

ChangeMakers has worked with SAFE Work Manitoba for 16 years and we were excited to produce video and marketing materials for their latest campaign to promote the return on investment of safety. This campaign demonstrates how investing in safety benefits everyone, from front-line workers, to supervisors and managers, all the way up to the CEO.

The videos feature an employee, a supervisor and a VP of Black Cat Wear Parts, a Manitoba manufacturer with an inclusive and successful safety program. They each share their roles in safety and how the investment from every worker in the company has decreased their workplace injuries. Check out all three in the video below.

The campaign ran for four weeks on TV, busses, bus stop shelters, radio and online. A social media contest complemented the campaign in which Manitobans answered trivia questions relating back to the campaign videos.

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