20 Years of Change: SAFE Work Manitoba

“20 Years of Change” is a client testimonial series highlighting some of our greatest shared achievements in social marketing over the past two decades.

SAFE Work Manitoba is a shining example of how a social marketing program can evolve into something bigger – something that has a direct impact on thousands of lives every day. It is also a shining example of ChangeMakers award-winning and internationally recognized expertise in social marketing.

In 2001, Manitoba was facing a grim reality: workplace injuries had reached an all-time high. Something needed to be done, and the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) of Manitoba and Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health decided to lead the charge by creating a bold new social marketing plan. How bold? The goal was to reduce workplace injury rates by 25% over five years AND change the very culture of health and safety in Manitoba, at both work and at home.

ChangeMakers was asked to help make this vision a reality. We dove in, with expansive research that delivered insight into the many viewpoints, attitudes and beliefs surrounding workplace safety before helping craft a comprehensive five-year strategy that would serve as a guide for action. The strategy outlined the entire program year by year, encompassing everything from employer relations and public relations to website development, marketing and public awareness programming.

“ChangeMakers really is our expert in terms of how to go about social marketing.”
Jamie Hall
COO, SAFE Work Manitoba

Not only was the original goal met, it was far surpassed, and today – 15 years after it began – SAFE Work Manitoba has evolved from social marketing program to full-fledged public agency dedicated to the prevention of workplace injury and illness. ChangeMakers has remained ingrained every step of the way, developing strategy, producing creative and implementing it all with effective (and award-winning) results: an awareness level of 77% among Manitobans, an incredible 90% support level across the province and – most notably – a 40% reduction in time loss injury rates.

Check out some of our most recent work with SAFE Work Manitoba.

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