Government of Nunavut Anti-Tobacco Ad Recognized Internationally

Working with the Government of Nunavut (GN) Department of Health was an incredible, unforgettable experience for us.

We worked with the GN to develop the Pass on something better by not giving tobacco to kids campaign as part of the tobacco reduction strategy for the territory. The campaign messaging focused on educating the public that giving or selling tobacco to minors under the age of 19 years is illegal.

With a concept based on research conducted in the region, we shot a video on location in Iqualuit using local talent and resources. The video and accompanying materials were distributed in January 2017 and feedback was overwhelmingly positive in all 25 of Nunavut’s communities. Stakeholders said that materials went over very well because they were respectful, culturally appropriate and didn’t create a sense of shame.

Now, we’re honoured that international judges of the Summit Marketing Effectiveness Award (MEA) have acknowledged the effectiveness of this work, too. The award responds to a common need in the marketing and advertising sector: to recognize the contribution of results and messaging to the achievement of the campaign’s goals.

The Summit MEA is unique to other award programs because it reinforces that the goal of marketing communications is to change, influence or reinforce an audience’s knowledge, attitudes or beliefs.

At ChangeMakers, our goal is to help our clients achieve results – to realize their objectives and be successful. We build solid relationships with our clients as we help them to achieve their communications goals and shift Manitobans’ attitudes and behaviours for the better – exactly what the Summit MEAs acknowledge.

Thank you to everyone who was part of making this campaign a success and congratulations to the GN Department of Health!

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