‘Love Wins’ – and it Might Win Again at the 2017 Emmys

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I just saw an article on AdWeek about the 2017 Emmy nominees for Outstanding Commercial and decided to take a look.

I watched all five nominated ads and was almost moved to tears by four of them.

What stood out to me about these four ads was the overwhelming positivity of their key messages. For three of them specifically, it’s all about love. (Just like it was for the Beatles, which is outlined clearly in this pretty wonderful infographic. Aren’t infographics great?)

The word ‘love’ is spoken 13 times (and written seven) in Ad Council’s “Love Cam” spot (2:41). It’s spoken 10 times in both Ad Council’s “We Are America” (3:34) and Google’s “Year in Search 2016” (2:00). That’s an average of one use of the word ‘love’ about every 12 seconds.

As well, one of the parting messages in “Why I March” is ‘love wins’ (a powerful message and a hashtag which soared in popularity following the legalization of same-sex marriage in the US and which is still used on a daily basis on Twitter).

Lately, so much of what we see in the news and media has been bleak. This isn’t an earth-shattering insight, nor is it a new phenomenon. In fact, there are studies which show why bad news dominates headlines. People are drawn to negative words, which psychologists call negativity bias.

The Google ad illustrates this extremely well, as its opening shots emphasize fear, uncertainty and tragedy associated with some of the year’s most common Google searches. However, it quickly picks up with positive and inspiring messages about love, hope and opportunities for change.

Both of the Ad Council’s Love Has No Labels ads also directly respond to the negativity, stereotypes and hatred that seem to permeate our society. The ads challenge those stereotypes and negative sentiments with messages about love, diversity, support, hope and acceptance.

With strong key messages like “Rethink bias” and “Love is out there. Search on.” it’s hard not to be inspired by these ads to be part of positive change.

At ChangeMakers, that’s what drives us. We truly believe that change is good – in fact, that’s our positioning statement. Most of our work involves changing attitudes and behaviours for the better, so ads like this really move us and inspire us to continue making change.

‘Love wins’ – and there’s a good chance it will win again at the 2017 Emmys, like it did in 2016.

(For the record, the fifth nominee, the “Calling JohnMalkovich.com” ad for Squarespace, is amusing and has star power, but it just didn’t have quite the same emotional impact as the other four ads.)


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