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Our “Behind the ChangeMaker” series profiles what makes our team unique, one person at a time.

Christian Massaroni is a member of our Client Service team, working closely with his clients on a day-to-day basis by supporting them in all of their communication needs. With a combination of endearing charisma, wit and caffeine-fueled enthusiasm for his work, Christian’s collaborative efforts with both his clients and his team ensures that projects see positive results.

What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

My cat usually wakes me up before my alarm, so I feed him, make myself an espresso and try to sit and just take about 15 minutes to myself. That’s my favourite part of the day.

What is one thing many people don’t know about you?

I love k-pop.

What’s a song that everyone must listen to right now?

Run Devil Run by Girls Generation. It’s a safe introduction for the uninitiated. (Link here for those interested.)

Tell us about one of your most memorable projects at ChangeMakers and how it affected you professionally or personally.

When Dylan (our Senior Graphic Designer & Videographer) and I filmed the MinecraftEdu video for Louis Riel School Division, seeing the end result of that was incredibly rewarding. That was one of my first opportunities to sit down and interview people, which is something I’ve always wanted to do. I learned a lot from Dylan during the shoot too, he had so much great creative input that helped me see the project from different angles.

That whole video suite we did is incredibly rewarding, but there was something about getting to convey the amount of energy the kids had for learning and how much the teachers and students were collaborating together to understand it. It was a very positive and engaged environment. That experience really stands out to me.

Where do you find inspiration to do the work you do?

I do a lot of creative editing. I like creative editing and I like being able to massage messages. I read a lot of different sources for inspiration. I read everything from print magazines like Vanity Fair to more scholastic sources to satire and even scripts, and in turn I get a lot of ideas that make me go like, “oh that’s a really cool way of saying that, that’s a different way of getting that message across.” Sometimes I just enjoy being a spin-doctor too.

Who inspires you to be better at your job?

Who inspires me? …The team. Our team inspires me. Everyday I come in and I learn something new. Every time I work collaboratively with someone it inspires me to be better at what I’m doing because I’m genuinely in awe of the amount of talent there is in this office and I really want to make sure I’m pulling my weight! (laughs)

What is something you’d be happy doing every single day for the rest of your career?

Editing. I’m not sure if I could do kind of technical copy editing every day, but I’d be happy to work with analyzing and editing thoughts, messaging and ideas every day.

What’s your super power?

I’ve been told it’s not a super power, but I would like to have Sherlock Holmes’ ability to deduce things. Incredible deduction – that would be my super power.

How could you see yourself applying it to your daily life?

I like the idea of putting together puzzle pieces really fast. I enjoy being able to look at problems and solve them really fast, whether they’re big, small or inconsequential… I just enjoy problem-solving, I guess. That’s not really an answer. (laughs)

Who do you think is killin’ it in marketing in 2017?

Clickhole (slightly NSFW for strong language). Everyone who has me on Facebook won’t be surprised by that. Not only is the content hilarious and clever, but I think they’re forcing people to understand viral content in a new way. They’ve managed to capture how so many people communicate through and consume digital media and turned it on its head in a way that offers a surprising amount of perspective.

What would be your dream client or project?

A dream project for me would be getting to make a documentary for a client. I’m lucky in that a lot of the video work I get to do for the Louis Riel School Division is documentary-styled, but I’d love to take that to the next level. I love hearing peoples stories and I think a strong documentary has so much potential to shape change.

In what ways do you feel enlisting an agency like ChangeMakers benefits a client?

We offer the full spectrum of communication services, we have everything you could ever need out of a communications and marketing team. On top of that, our experience is pretty much invaluable. I think, most importantly though, our dedication and care is the biggest benefit. Because we are a positive, engaged group of people that like working with each other and like our jobs, you get a lot out of us.

ChangeMakers is all about progress, influencing social change, making the world a better place. If you could wave a magic wand in the air and solve a world problem, what would it be?

To educate everybody. To give everybody the opportunity to see multiple perspectives, and to learn about a wide variety of topics from outside of a box, that would be super positive. It’d be a great step in eliminating things like homophobia and racism, for a start. I think it also keeps people from being controlled by silly fears.

What can you be caught doing in your spare time?

Playing guitar. Occasionally playing Overwatch (a videogame) with friends. I quite like cooking as well.

What type of guitar do you play? Acoustic, Electric?

Both. I like making sounds. I’m essentially 5.

I’m very interested hearing the way you can layer different guitar sounds over top of each other to the point in which it doesn’t really sound like a guitar. That kind of stuff, that excites me.

You’re on your deathbed – what do you want to be remembered for?

I would like to be remembered for appreciating everything and everyone in my life that’s had an impact on me.


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