Julie Horbal Dooley | Content Strategist

CMWebPhoto_JulieJulie is ChangeMakers’ keeper of the editorial keys, working across strategic relations, print, digital and video production streams to define messages, create strategies to deliver a product that helps influence audiences to respond to the client’s call to action.

A part of the ChangeMakers team since 2008, Julie guides brand positioning and key message development and helps clients define, create and execute content strategies. A wordsmith and journalist at heart, she’s responsible for ensuring consistent client and campaign messaging across traditional and social media and plays a key role in communications planning, copywriting and editing collateral for tone and content.

As ChangeMakers’ former Digital Marketing and Media Relations Manager, Julie now serves as the editorial architect for website projects, determining the strategy, functionality and navigation as well as guiding social media strategies to create positive results for our clients. She also plays an active role in media relations and issues management, writing all matters of media communications, speeches and speaking notes.

Julie has also established herself as an industry expert and shares her knowledge and experience through PD sessions for both clients and industry on topics of media relations, writing, digital media and communications strategy. 

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