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Blue Christmas Be Gone – A ChangeMakers Holiday Survival Guide

December 16, 2016
The countdown to Christmas is in the single digits, and marketers have been bombarding us with “happy holidays” messages for the past month. While our ChangeMakers team is looking forward to the holiday break, there’s no denying that this season...

Pre-search and Preconceptions: Ethics in Stakeholder Consultations – by Jill

December 15, 2016
Last February I had the fortunate – yes I said fortunate – experience of going to Nunavut to conduct some stakeholder discussions for a tobacco reduction project. Part of our process here at ChangeMakers when we are determining our strategy ...
Julie Dooley

Behind the ChangeMaker: Julie

December 1, 2016
Our “Behind the ChangeMaker” series profiles what makes our team unique, one person at a time. Julie Dooley is our Content Strategist, which ultimately means she is our resident storyteller. Julie works with a variety of clients across sectors and...
Dylan Bekkering

Behind the ChangeMaker: Dylan

November 24, 2016
Our “Behind the ChangeMaker” series profiles what makes our team unique, one person at a time. Dylan Bekkering is our Senior Graphic Designer. Dylan has a very unique, refreshingly positive way of viewing the world – and that’s often reflected...
Hilary Friesen

Behind the ChangeMaker: Hilary

November 16, 2016
When developing plans, content or creative for our clients, we always prompt each other (and our clients) to think about the backstory or – as we like to call it –  the story narrative. We consider the intentions behind and...
Post Election

What is Still True After the 2016 US Election – by Hilary

November 15, 2016
The 2016 US presidential election has been called “historic” – largely because it has upset much conventional wisdom about political campaigns and public relations. But let’s not throw the PR baby out with the bathwater – there are some tried...
Honey, I Should Have Hired a Graphic Designer

Honey, I Should Have Hired a Graphic Designer – by Dylan

November 2, 2016
  When looking at the current state of graphic design, it’s a crazy world out there and decades of design have led us to where we are today. Over the years we’ve seen fads come and go and possibilities have...
Social TV

Social TV: Tweeting While Tuning In – by Angela

October 28, 2016
I haven’t yet watched the new episode of The Walking Dead, so I’ve been consciously avoiding spoilers on social media. I’m just glad I’m not very active on Twitter right now. In previous seasons when I have kept up with...

“I’m With Her” – The Clinton Campaign’s Pivot from Candidate to Cause – by Hilary

October 25, 2016
Elections never fail to offer up a masterclass in communications and issues management in real time. The last few weeks of the US presidential election have been a particularly interesting study in harnessing a social movement to achieve a campaign...

Creating a Custom Dieline for Print in InDesign – by Lisa

October 12, 2016
When designing and formatting the layout for printed packaging, you may be familiar with the term dieline. Dielines serve as a template for properly cutting and folding packaging when in flattened form. They are also used when designing envelopes, folders...