Strength in Numbers (and Diversity) – Meet the Leaders Paving the Way for Change


We’re exceptionally proud of the diversity of our talented team – and it starts from the top down. Of 21 employees, 13 are women. That includes four exceptional women on our six-person leadership team alone.

Our diversity is our strength, and it allows us to offer a variety of perspectives and life experiences that contribute to the success of our client work. We’re pleased to be able to measure that success not only in terms of awards we’ve won, but also in terms of attitudes and behaviours we’ve changed, helping to make our province a safer, healthier and happier place.

We’re excited to share our recent profile in the Winnipeg Free Press Who’s Who Women in Business, which puts the spotlight on women in business and provides insight into some of ChangeMakers’ most valued achievements.

View the full article here (flip to page 6).


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