ChangeMakers Presents at Washington World Social Marketing Conference


Hilary Friesen, Strategic Services Manager and Jill McLean, Research Manager at ChangeMakers, are presenting at the World Social Marketing Conference held in Washington, DC.

ChangeMakers was chosen as one of 35 companies from over 40 countries to present at this prestigious forum in the practitioner category as a result of the hugely effective marketing campaign with SAFE Work Manitoba.

Our submission explains our partnership with the Manitoba Workers Compensation Board (WCB) and the dramatic reduction in time-loss injury – 41 per cent decrease – as a result of changing the culture of the organization. WCB is a non-profit mutual accident and disability insurance agency established by legislation, maintained by both employers and workers and funded by employer premiums.  WCB covers approximately 70 percent of the workforce in Manitoba.

In 2001, a review conducted by the Workplace Safety and Health Act by the Manitoba Minister of Labour indicated that Manitoba had one of the highest rates in Canada. The key recommendation was to create a culture of safety and health and achieve a 25 per cent reduction in the time-loss injury rate; through promotion, protection, and education.

“In 2002, WCB approached ChangeMakers to develop a comprehensive strategy to decrease workplace safety and health injuries, incidents and deaths in Manitoba,” said Correy Myco, CEO of ChangeMakers. “At that time there were 19,000 time-loss injuries, on top of more than 20,000 no-time loss injuries – making Manitoba have one of if not the highest rates in Canada.”




ChangeMakers developed the SAFE Work brand, anchored by the personal risk management model expressed in the acronym SAFE:

  • Spot the hazard
  • Asses the risk
  • Find a safer way
  • Everyday

“This worked extremely well given it’s universal and applies to every person in the workplace from an entry level position to the CEO,” said Hilary Friesen.  “When designing the brand we chose SAFE Work vs. Work Safe which was a brand used in other jurisdictions. The reason for this was SAFE work places emphasis on safety as the precondition to work and underlines the need to have a safe work environment, training and supervision before work begins.”

Hilary’s presentation, SAFE Work Manitoba – Workplace Injury Prevention Program, takes place May 16 at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel in Washington, DC.

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About the World Social Marketing Conference

This conference is held every two years around the world bringing together practitioners, academics, policymakers, researchers and industry from over 40 countries to discuss and exchange ideas.   This year it is being held in Washington.

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