Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba Launches “Bring ID” Campaign

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“You’ve heard it before. You’re standing at the checkout of your neighbourhood liquor store, in a hurry to get to your buddy’s place, when the clerk awkwardly asks, ‘Can I please see some ID?’ You respond by rolling your eyes and think to yourself, does this clerk not notice my one grey hair? Or the tiny little wrinkle across my forehead? I mean it’s obvious that I’m an adult. Isn’t it?”

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 4.52.45 PMThe above excerpt is from the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba’s Bring ID campaign website and perfectly sums up the rationale behind their latest campaign aimed at increasing the number of youthful looking individuals in rural Manitoba who carry ID when visiting licensed establishments and liquor stores.

In rural Manitoba, it’s not uncommon to know the individual serving you liquor; a dynamic that only encourages patrons to leave the ID at home, deeming it unnecessary. To curb this behaviour, the campaign tagline “we must ask for valid ID, even if we know you” was a natural fit.

With ChangeMakers’ extensive experience working with Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries on social responsibility campaigns, we were delighted and eager to work with LGA to develop messaging focused on educating rural Manitobans on legislation governing liquor distribution and empowering licensees to ID all youthful looking patrons.

The campaign will run for six weeks and will be featured on social media, billboards, cabaret ads and posters. You can view the campaign video below.

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