Mastering Social Marketing: ChangeMakers Presents at University of Manitoba

Our ChangeMakers crew comes from a variety of different educational backgrounds – we have diplomas, certificates, degrees and even a few Masters’ degrees to our collective name. And we can all agree that we’ve learned a lot on the job that we never learned in school. So we were very excited to have the opportunity recently to bring our book learning and street smarts to the Asper School of Business.


Jill McLean, our Research and Strategic Services Manager, presented to MBA students in Marketing in the Non-Profit World, and got a chance to field test an idea that ChangeMakers CEO Correy Myco has been kicking around the office – “moral turf.” Moral turf comes into play when the cause you are marketing competes for mind-space, market-space and brand-space with other worthy causes. Jill’s presentation explored how charities fighting the most deadly diseases weren’t necessarily the most top of mind,  didn’t necessarily have the biggest market-share and didn’t necessarily occupy the most desirable brand-space. She discussed trends and tactics that might explain why this is the case and showed some examples of charities who have claimed their moral turf very well.


Hilary Friesen, one of our Client Services Managers, presented to Bachelor of Commerce students in two sections of Advertising, giving them some behind-the-scenes insight into social issues marketing and one of our favourite SAFE Work campaigns – SAFE Work Needs Your Voice (view the video here).  Hilary walked them through the process of campaign development, including looking at the creative concepts we focus-tested, sharing some of the focus test feedback and discussing how we evaluate the SAFE Work program and how the program evaluation has evolved over the years.

Both presentations sparked lots of interesting discussion and great questions. We enjoyed our time in higher ed and look forward to being invited back!

A special thank you to Dr. Rajesh Manchandra and Sara Penner for inviting us to present to their students.

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